Bump,thump, bash, crash!

Dodgem Cars

are formula one for family fun!

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GreatFamily Entertainment!

Dodgem Cars

are the most fun you can have in a car while still being legal!

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Roadrage can be fun!

Dodgem Cars

are a smashing good time without any risk of damage or driving tickets!

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Dodgem Cars for Hire

Dodgem Cars will always be remembered as one of the longest running and most successful attractions in the amusement industry. No ride can match the Dodgems for family fun and entertainment. Since their humble beginnings back in the 1930's, at least three generations have been brought up on riding Dodgem Cars, with this Carnival classic maintaining supreme popularity, on Showgrounds throughout the world.

Dodgem Cars will not only be a huge drawcard at your special event, all ages will enjoy the fun, excitement and atmosphere of this Fairground favourite. Adults can participate with little fear of motion-sickness or nausea, while younger children can ride with their parents and share in the fun of the fair.

This website is a directory listing of Dodgem Car Hire operators in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania. If your organisation is planning a special event, and are looking for amusement attractions for the whole family to enjoy, please contact a Dodgem Car operator in your area for further details.

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Hiring Your Dodgem Cars

Dodgem Cars may be booked on either a Flat-rate Hire (Fixed Fee) or Profit Sharing Basis. Flat-Rate Hire involves the client paying a set fee for each attraction, based on a pre-determined hire period. Profit Share involves the Carnival Ride operator providing the attractions at no charge to the event organiser, with total ticket sales distributed between the operator and organiser on a predetermined ratio - normally an 80(operator)/20(organiser)

Is there a difference between Dodgem Cars and Bumper Cars?

No. Dodgem Cars, Bumper Cars and Auto Skooters generally refer to an attraction consisting of several small electric cars which draw power from the floor and/or ceiling, and which are turned on and off remotely by an operator.

Dodgem Cars operate on either a fixed (theme park) or portable rectangular track. A rubber bumper surrounds each vehicle, and drivers ram each other as they travel. The controls are usually an accelerator and a steering wheel. The cars can be made to go backwards by turning the steering wheel far enough in either direction, necessary in the frequent pile-ups that occur. Although the original idea of the ride was to bump into other cars, Public Liability issues have forced operators to run Dodgem Cars in the one direction only with signs reading "This way around" and "No (head on) bumping".

The larger the track and number of Cars in operation, the great the set up, number of staff to supervise, and degree of maintenance. Therefore, smaller "10 Car" tracks are the most affordable, suiting the majority of hire events.

What size area is needed to set up a Dodgem Car Track?

A standard "10 Car" Dodgem Car track needs to be set up on relatively level ground. The area required is normally around 17m by 17m - and space at the rear of the track for the truck/generator, plus room at the front for queueing.

Larger "18 Car" Dodgem Car tracks require an area of around 23m by 17m - plus space at the rear of the track for the truck/generator, and room at the front for queueing.

Modern Dodgem Car Tracks are transported on long semi-trailers, with the Floor folding out upon set up. The Floor is then "blocked" and levelled forming the foundation for the roof structure to be erected above.

Is power required to operate the Dodgem Cars?

Three-phase power is required to operate Dodgem Cars. If power is not readily available on-site, most Dodgem operators will provide a generator as part of the ride package.

Can Dodgem Cars operate in wet weather?

Yes, Dodgems Cars are one of the few amusement attractions which can safely operate in adverse weather conditions including rain. The fully water-proof vinly roof keeps the entire operating area dry. The vinyl roof also acts as a fantastic sun shelter providing riders with shade, which is particular appreciated on warm summer days.

Do height Restrictions apply to Dodgem Cars?

Yes. To reach the pedal of the Dodgem Car, drivers need to be at least 120cms in height. Children 100-120cms in height may ride as a passenger, when accompanied by an adult who drives.

Do health restrictions apply to riding in a Dodgem Car?

Yes. Due to the physical nature of the Dodgem Cars, access is not permitted for those riders with the following conditons:

  • Plaster Casts or Injured Bones
  • Back or Neck Injuries
  • Heart Problems
  • Recent Surgery
  • Pregnancy
  • High Blood Pressure

What types of events are Dodgem Cars suited to?

Dodgem Cars are without doubt, one of the best family rides going 'round. They are a must for a variety of special events including:

  • School Fetes
  • Sporting Presentations
  • Family Fun Days
  • Community Festivals
  • Youth Groups
  • Corporate Picnics
  • Carnivals
  • Street Fairs
  • Christmas Parties

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